What is this site all about?

This site has been designed to enable you to advertise and request different customised items all over the world.

How does the system work?

If a user initiates a request or advertises the system matches the intent and supplies the user with suppliers or customers respectively. All requested items are stored in “My Req” section and all advertised items are stored in “My Adv” sections.

What happens if I fail to get a match?

The system will continuously track for the match and updates My Customers or My Suppliers when a match is found.

How does My Suppliers section works?

In this section you will find all suppliers that have been matched to your requests. This section will enable the user to customize the information and to chat with the suppliers directly.

How does My Customers section works?

In this section you will find all customers that have been matched to your adverts. The supplier is given an option to chat directly with their customers.

How do I advertise on your platform?

Click advertise, select the main category, upload your picture(s), select the sub-category, then populate the rest of the fields,

How do I requests on your platform?

Click Requests, select the main category, then populate the rest of the fields.

What is the purpose of group chat?

This will help the customer to communicate easily with many suppliers.

How do I make my adverts or requests appear on the home page?

All adverts or requests that have been posted and approved will appear on the home page.

How do I use the banner to advertise?

Send your banner advert to admin@eworldmix.com

What is the purpose of Chat with Supplier menu on the home page?

This menu allows a customer to chat directly with a supplier and to have group chat

Do I pay anything to use the platform?

Our Pilot program has no charges.

Do you have a payment method for goods or services?

This is an Online Advertising Platform Only. We dot have a payment method.